The Go Run Foundation mission is to use running and wellness education as well as exercise programs to motivate children to remain in school and introduce underprivileged communities to the sport of running and everything the sport offers. In the local South Florida community, the foundation offers FREE training programs for all level of runners and walkers.

Founded by Douglas Nicaragua, the foundation’s vision is to use the sport of running to overcome hardships with love and passion and how it can impact the life of a child with something as simple as receiving a pair of running shoes. The foundation looks for sponsors and other donors that would like to make a financial contribution, donate shoes, as well as sporting equipment. Today, with projects in the US, Colombia (South America), and Costa Rica (Central America), the foundation understands the importance of helping less fortunate children and how the right pair of running shoes can help them fall in love with running and change their lives in a very positive and significant way.

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